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News - Impact of Low Back Pain

For a long time we have assumed that it is not entirely possible to determine the extent of the impact of low back pain has on individuals. Although further research is required it may be edging closer to the point where this may soon be possible. Current research has shown that it is possible to quantify low back pain using a biomechanical model. In this sense looking at the way in which the low back moves using the principles of mechanics can give the Physiotherapist information that is unbiased or unaffected by the individual suffering from low back pain. This does mean that it doesn't matter how much pain the person is to either determine the extent of the problem or how ell the condition is responding to treatment because the amount of movement is dictated by the actual relative change in position of the back during movement. This is good news for Physiotherapists but seriously bad news for the malingerer!

The equipment used to gather this information is getting more and more sophisticated and user friendly to the point that it will become increasingly practical for use in a clinical environment without impacting on clinical efficiency.

A question therefore arises.. if it is possible to calculate the impact of low back pain is it possible to have annual health checks and develop strategies to prevent an onset of low back pain?

© Dr A. A. Aluko, November 2012

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