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Public lecture Friday 3rd July 2015

‘Low Back Pain; The truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth!’

By Dr. A. A. Aluko, Ph.D
HCPC Registered and Chartered Physiotherapist

Venue: Rivers Ibis Health Club, Scours Lane, Tilehurst, Reading, RG30 6AY

Time: 19.00 to 20.30

Tickets: £10 (Advanced booking only)

Call 0118 9394255 Monday to Thursday only (Or leave a message at any other time) for further information


Stretching can cause harm!?!

Well it's come full circle again; to adopt a turn of phrase, ' to stretch or not to stretch? That is the question '. More..

Is modern technology killing us?

Well its official modern technology is killing us!! One of the frustrating things about being a Physiotherapist is trying to discuss the importance of posture. More..

Whiplash Injuries

Doctors will soon need a special licence to approve payouts on motorists' insurance for whiplash as part of a clampdown on bogus claims. More..

Well tell me something new! Most Physiotherapists have been saying this for years!!! More...

How is my posture?

Having a good posture uses the least amount of effort from your body and places the least amount of stress on your ligaments and bones. More..

Warming up and cooling down – waste of time?

This month is quite a sporty month! Many would have just watched the Euro 2012 final
between Spain and Italy. More..

Science throws cold water over sports theory!

I have often wondered what the reasons for sports men and women are for wanting to go through with a process of dunking themselves in cold water after an event is. More...

How sugary drinks can give you sore knees (especially if you're a skinny man)

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from patients who seek my help with conditions such as arthritis involving either painful knees or hips is about diet. More...

Steroid injections do not help sciatica

Well I guess this depends on whether the back pain is due to 'true' sciatica! As the article suggests sciatica is most commonly caused by the compression of the nerve by a 'slipped disc' but what is not usually considered is if the disc is not the primary reason for its malfunction anyway; in other words what about the 'Chicken and egg' scenario? More...

Arthritis can be helped by Exercise

Physiotherapists have been advocating this for decades and it is interesting that the article has no Physiotherapists’ view even though the experts refer these patients on to Physiotherapy. More...

Impact of Low Back Pain

For a long time we have assumed that it is not entirely possible to determine the extent of the impact of low back pain has on individuals. Although further research is required it may be edging closer to the point where this may soon be possible. More...