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About Us

Physiotherapy Consultancy Services Ltd was established in 1995 becoming a leading provider
of musculoskeletal physiotherapy services in the Reading area becoming a limited company in 2003.

The company currently provides services for the private sector (Members of Private Health Insurance Companies), the N.H.S. (A significant number of surgeries in the Reading Area), Companies/Businesses (On-site advice and workstation assessments) and Medico-legal Assessments and treatments with reports for the Legal Profession.

As a company we believe that a partnership between us and you, the client, ensures that you have a full understanding of any condition, what is expected of you to participate in the treatment and most importantly what you can realistically expect from us in our role as Practitioners.

Dr Augustine Aluko

Dr Aluko has been a Physiotherapist for 27 years and has worked in different types of healthcare delivery since then. Although he is British, he graduated with a BSc (Hons) degree from The College of Medicine, University Of Lagos, Nigeria in 1985 after which he worked in the private sector until 1987 before joining the British National Health Service where he worked from 1987 until 1995. He gained a Diploma in Management Studies from Reading University in 1997 after deciding that in order to create a Physiotherapy Practice designed to put the patient first he would require some formal knowledge of business practice and etiquette. The pursuit of an interest in improving the understanding of how the body functions was a factor which saw him complete his MSc degree in clinical biomechanics at Staffordshire University in 2006 which led him to research the relationship between core stability exercises and acute low back pain as his PhD obtained at Brunel University, London in 2012.

Throughout his formal study years Dr Aluko maintained very hands on roll as a clinician improving his knowledge of effective treatment and management of low back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions and has had considerable success with a vast number of patients. The Practices’ 10,000th client account was opened in August 2012. This is a considerable achievement. The Practice has recently decided to quantify success with a satisfaction survey which demonstrates the excellent level of patient satisfaction.

Dr Aluko believes in patient empowerment and mutual understanding of bilateral limitations; in other words the key to successful treatment is for the patient to understand and accept their responsibility for recovery and it is the responsibility of the Physiotherapist to ensure that the patient understands what their problem is and provide an efficient management strategy. This management strategy should include treatment and preventative care designed to deal with the past, present and future. After all, a visit to the Physiotherapist should not be the start of perpetual cash register! Independence is the watch word NOT dependence. If you have an views on this please post them on the discussion forum.

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