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Welcome to the Ask A Physio Website

Welcome to the website! This site is designed to give you the confidence of consulting a physiotherapist and try to debunk the myths about Physiotherapy. Although we are based in the United Kingdom we believe that the principles that are discussed are in the main universal.

On this site there is an opportunity to discuss problems and issues that may have a common thread via our discussion board. Please feel free to contribute to any of the live discussions. We do, however, ask that you avoid derogatory/malicious comments; failure to comply with this request may result in you being blocked from access to this facility. Please read our terms and conditions before you begin to contribute to the discussion for the first time.

On this home page you also have the ability to request an on-line consultation. Because of the volume of requests you will only receive one response to a consultation. There is a fee for this facility and you must consent to paying this fee before you submit your request. Please note that once you submit the form you are liable for the fee. Please refer to our terms and conditions.

Also look out for interesting Physiotherapy and other health related news within the news section. You may find the information informative and interesting. Please feel to add your comments about the items in the discussion forum.